Kanye West Slams Forbes as ‘White Supremacist’ Amid Its Controversial Stimulus Check Headline

Like Kim Kardashian's sister Kylie Jenner, Kanye West has had some resentment at Forbes. The rapper blasted the business magazine in a recent interview with Nick Cannon, which full version has been released online.

During the conversation with "The Masked Singer" host, the Yeezy designer called out the publication for being a crazy racist. "Forbes is some of my favorite white supremacist man," the Atlanta star sarcastically said. He added, "They cold, bro. My most favorite White supremacists is Forbes, because I just gotta respect their gangster. They don't live in 2020. They act like it's 1800s still. Read the Forbes. It's crazy racist. Everytime they write stuff."

Ye's issue with Forbes stemmed from his complaint that it misjudged his net worth in an article about his billionaire status published in April, as opposed to Bloomberg which reported with the accuracy he wanted.

"Bloomberg was coming and they had an accurate net worth of $3.3 billion and Forbes purposely landed an article to dispute that and said, 'the way we counted is $1.3 (billion) and they dropped it at 5:05 (P.M.) or something right at the end of the week," the 43-year-old explained. "So, that would go into the weekend and that would be the story. It was confusion. They can just cause confusion."

While Ye's interview with Nick was taped days ago, his comments on Forbes arrived as Forbes has come under fire over its stimulus check article which has been deemed disrespectful to black community. "A Second Stimulus Check is Coming, Can the Black Community Wait?" so the controversial headline read.

Following the release of the article, people took to Twitter to slam the magazine for its derogatory headline. "Forbes really wrote an article about the second stimulus and said 'can the blacks really wait?' Then switched it to Minority. Wow," a shocked reader commented.

" 'Can the Black Community wait?' … hell Forbes got going on," another baffled user reacted. A third one questioned the notion that black community is identical with poverty, "So we not gonna talk about how Forbes is making it seem like the Black community is the only one waiting for the second stimulus?"

A fourth person didn't hold back in her/his tweet, writing, "So @Forbes first off f**k you. Second you got a lot of f**king nerve when lower income white families depended on the money more than black families in rural areas due to lack of employment opportunities."

"The black community is not the only people waiting on the stimulus checks the 'white community' is too, as well as the latinos/Hispanic community we are all waiting so don't just single out the black community like we the only people that need help," another argued.

Someone else demanded an apology from the magazine as stating, "@Forbes u got us f**ked up we all down here struggling everybody during these times of the pandemic .. you owe the black community an apology."

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