Mary J. Blige on Diana Ross Jiggling Lil’ Kim’s Boob at 1999 MTV VMAs: ‘I Was Really Pissed’

Being a veteran singer, Mary J. Blige has already experienced a lot of things in the industry throughout her career, and there are naturally moments that she remembers fondly and ones that are not. During her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live", the singer recalled being pissed over something that Diana Ross did at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.

For those who need a reminder, Mary and Lil' Kim were introducing Diana during the event, and it appeared the "Love Hangover" singer was particularly interested in Kim's jumpsuit that exposed one of her breasts. When taking to the stage to accept her award, Diana playfully jiggled Kim's boob before giving her a hug. While Diana and Kim were laughing during the moment, Mary looked rather uncomfortable.

Asked about what she felt at the time, Mary told host Andy Cohen, "I mean, I was embarrassed for Kim and I was really pissed when that happened because that's my little sister and my friend. Kim is courageous. She's going to do what Kim does so I think we all should respect it."

Mary then went on encouraging people to respect other female rappers in the game. "We should respect Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj and Cardi. So respect Lil' Kim. This is what they do. Respect them. Aye, it's what they do," so she said.

While "The Umbrella Academy" star did not appreciate what Diana did to Kim during the music event, the female rapper apparently did not find any problems with it when asked about the moment during an interview at the Essence Festival last year. She told reporters at the time, "Now that's legendary. The boss. I love Diana Ross. I always said if I did a movie about my life, she would play my mom. And I told her that."

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