Raqi Thunda Slams ‘Narcissistic’ Joe Budden for Accusing Her of Leaking Audio and Docs

Raqi Thunda would not stay silent after being accused of something that she allegedly did not do. Hours after Joe Budden claimed that she was the one who leaked his phone call with Cyn Santana as well as her lawyer docs, Raqi took to her Instagram account to deny the claims and slammed her "Love & Hip Hop: New York" co-star.

Calling Joe "narcissistic," Raqi said in her lengthy post, "Clearly you need me to help you refresh your severally disintegrated memory and correct the bold face lies you continuously tell!" She went on explaining that Joe was the one who asked her to help manage Cyn so that he could still keep tabs on her even after their breakup.

However, she eventually gave up being "the wingman of your toxic relationship" and decided to fully help Cyn because "it was desperately needed in multiple ways." She added, "I was the designated person for a few of your ex's to help smooth things out as your friend and out of the kindness of my heart I extended my home, clothes, shoes, bags and finances to rehabbing and being supportive of them."

"Honestly any woman willing to bed you for a slice of fame and a place to lay their head was already damaged goods from the get go," she continued. "I just just so happen to have a soft heart for the idiotic and Stockholm syndrome individuals that you've dragged!"

Raqi additionally provided several screenshots of their text conversation to prove that she was not lying before adding in a separate post, "Keep My Name Out Your Mouth. I ain't leak s**t."

Joe has yet to respond back to Raqi.

During his Instagram Live stream earlier in the day, Joe blamed the leaked docs and audio on Raqi. "I had no business dealing with Raqi. I don't know why she's feeling what she's feeling," he said. "I think she's sick. I think that she's bipolar. I think she's got dementia. She got cold."

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