Tamar Braxton’s Fiance Claims She Caused $30K Damage to His Rolls Royce During Altercation

More details about details about the drama between Tamar Braxton and her fiance David Adefeso. In a new virtual interview, David shared more insights into their alleged altercation that prompted him to file a restraining order against her.

"What was said about me grabbing Tamar or anybody else, it is a complete and absolute falsehood," David Adefeso set the record straight. "I've never, ever, ever, and never will put my hand on a woman. Ever… I'll speak the truth, and here's the truth."

David went on saying that he was "a victim of domestic violence, domestic assault." He added, "A blow to my neck, my jugular. That's what carried blood to your brain. When you're hit there, it discombobulates you. I thought I was gonna crash. It happened when I was driving fast."

In the video, he also claimed he was hit, he was "being secretly recorded." The footage allegedly had been sent to his family "and other people." Additionally, David said that the altercation between her and the R&B singer cost him $30K worth of damage to his Rolls Royce.

Tamar previously accused him of assault and murder threat. During an altercation which took place when they were driving to check the reality TV star into a mental health facility for treatment, it was said that Tamar told David he was "around for the wrong reasons and could not be trusted."

The "All the Way Home" songstress went on to claim that David became "irate, threatening not only her life but his own." It was also said that David told Tamar that they are going to end up in a "murder-suicide."

Things took a violent turn during the argument as he "grabbed her hard" on the arms to the point it caused bruising. Meanwhile, Tamar said that "she only grabbed onto him AFTER he got physical."

The sources went on to insist that "any claims that Ms. Braxton was the aggressor and/or abusive are completely false and have no merit. David Adefeso has been upset and abusive since seeing his own true colors on Tamar's upcoming television show and has been taking it out on Tamar ever since."

David, however, claimed the opposite. He filed a restraining order against Tamar in a Los Angeles court over concerns of domestic violence. The restraining order request is the latest drama in Tamar's personal life as she continues to recover following a suicide attempt in July.

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