TikTok Star Danielle Cohn’s Mom Defends Her Against Backlash Over ‘Foolish’ Cover

Amid the backlash Danielle Cohn has been receiving over her new song, her mom has come to her defense and hit back at the critics. Jennifer Archambault recently took to her Instagram account to clear up the misunderstanding as she stressed that the TikTok star already got a license to remake Ashanti's "Foolish".

She said in the since-deleted post, "We got a license and went the right way and Ashanti and her team will get their royalties." Slamming those who bashed her teenage daughter, Jennifer continued, "I am sicken [sic] at the amount of crap these people on the internet put her through. She out here living her dream and to have adults and kids attack her this bad."

Jennifer went on praising her daughter over how "beautiful" she looked in the music video as she added, "I am even more proud of the way you handle the amount of hate you have gotten!!! It's sad cause most people would not have been able to handle what she been going through."

Danielle caught backlash after she promoted her "Foolish" remake as her own song and single instead of a cover. She tried to defend herself by mocking people for not knowing what cover is and pointing out that she is far from the first person to remake a song. "I just want to remake one of my favorite songs so can you just stop saying that I took her song when I didn't? I even gave her credit and everything so… Just stop," so she said at the time.

However, a number of people did not buy her explanation. "You know damn well you wasn't trying to say it's a cover as many other people have done. You deada** tried to make it YOUR song and sold MERCH with it and you put it on ITUNES. GTFOH!" one person said, as another wrote, "You deada** claimed it as your song and then said 'inspired by' like you didn't just steal a song word for word you colonizer."

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