Asian Doll’s Mug Shot Surfaces as She Brags About Being ‘Famous’ in Jail

Asian Doll's (a.k.a. Asian Da Brat) mug shot has surfaced online days after it was reported that she was apprehended by police in Atlanta. Rocking her natural curly hair which was tied into a high ponytail, she appeared to go makeup free while rocking a khaki prison suit.

It's unknown who first released the photo, but some social media users have praised the raptress' natural look. "she's pretty," one person commented on her mug shot. Another similarly gushed over her makeup-free face, "She soo pretty without all that stuff on."

Meanwhile, Asian doesn't seem to be shy of her short stint in jail. The 23-year-old bragged about making $71,000 upon her release after spending 4 days behind bars. The "Come Find Me" femcee also detailed her time spent in prison while responding to Twitter users who weighed in on her arrest.

"Asain [sic] doll spent a week if that in jail and got out n did a first day out cover," one person tweeted. A second user wasn't impressed though, claiming, "Atleast I'm doing 3 months I'm good for a first day out?"

Seeing the second user's response as a shade, Asian then hit back, "B***hes do months in jail just to come out broke asf**k I did 4days & came home to 71k worry bout what your outcome gone be looking like cause fasho I was in jail ONNAT them 4days."

The Dallas-born star went on sharing, "All 36 of them b***hes I was locked up with can tell you how I was rocking in that b***h. I'm in jail famous & pretty trust me h**s tried it & I was ON THEY A** ON MY SOUL & when I got out I told them h**s good luck y'all h**s got 6months to go & walked out."

The back-and-forth didn't stop there as the said user wrote again, "Oh my bad sis you mad? I wasn't directing that to you but I'm coming home to 100k not even adding merch and music streams sissy pooh." The said user, who seems to know Asian in person, added, "and it's crazy you reply to this but never reply when I'm ready to send you a song?"

Asian didn't buy her explanation, insisting, "You spoke on a tweet regarding me I'll never be mad gang look at ME." She also doubted the user's claim that she made $100,000 upon her release from jail, writing, "but now it's 100k cause I said I got 75k? Make it make sense & I just posted yo freestyle on my Twitter ion reply cause ion reply & ion reply & do songs with ALOT of h**s cause I'm RAW like that."

The said user then claimed that she'd be "famous when I go to jail in my city to." Refusing to be compared to her, Asian tweeted back, "NOBODY IN MY CITY WHOPPED ME EITHER NEVER DISRESPECTED ME WITHOUT GETTING BEAT EITHER…. we are NOT the same."

Asian was arrested on Friday, September 4 after being pulled over by police in Atlanta, Georgia. While it wasn't clear what she got booked for, her friend Kievi slammed police as posting on Instagram, "These racist a** GA, police just dry took Asian to jail because she the only black persons in her neighborhood!!!! This s**t crazy this was my first time everrr witnessing racist s**tttt bro im hurt thess MF reader dry took my sisterrr!!!!!!!!"

Asian took to her Twitter account to ask her ex-boyfriend King Von to bail her out of jail, but Kievi claimed Asian's tweet to Von was more about moral support rather than about needing money. "Asian BOND is NOT the problem her bond is processing right now as I type this," she wrote on her Instagram Stories. "Now far as this being a joke or prank it's NOT so pls stop with the BS."

As to the "Savage Barbie" femcee's tweet to Von, her pal explained, "They let her take her phone and in the midst of it she called Von because that's her bf why not? He was getting on a flight so he didn't answer her call so she went to Twitter to tell him!! Then they took her phone which WE STILL HAVE YET TO TALK TO HER."

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