‘Black Widow’ to Feature #MeToo Story

Scarlett Johansson's forthcoming "Black Widow" movie is set to feature a #MeToo storyline.

In a recent interview with British movie magazine Empire, the leading lady opened up on the plot of her new film, teasing it is "very much reflective" of the Time's Up and #MeToo movements.

"It would be such a miss if we didn't address that stuff, if this film didn't take that head-on," she explained. "I think, particularly for Cate (Shortland, director), it was so important for her to make a movie about women who are helping other women, who lift other women up out of a very difficult situation."

"Someone asked me if Natasha (Romanoff, aka Black Widow) was a feminist," Scarlett added of her Marvel character. "Of course she is, it's obvious. It's kinda an asinine question."

"Black Widow" is set to hit theatres on 6 November (20).

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