Iman Shumpert Raises Eyebrows by Calling Lori Harvey ‘Testament of Unconditional Love’

Fans are questioning the nature of Iman Shumpert and Lori Harvey's relationship. It's a known fact that the basketball player is close with the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey, but his latest post about her has successfully raised eyebrows as they pointed out that the message is too sweet to be directed to a friend.

In the post that he shared on Instagram Stories, he attached a photo of him goofing around with Lori at what appeared to be his wife Teyana Taylor's baby shower. He wrote alongside the snap, "I can't tell y'all enough about this beautiful soul. She is a true testament of unconditional love."

The fact that Iman called Lori "true testament of unconditional love" bothered a lot of people considering that he's not a bachelor anymore. "It's sweet that they're friends as well but that’s a bit much. Could've texted her this," one person said, as another told Iman to focus on his newborn baby, Rue, rather than posting that kind of thing.

Someone accused him of "embarrassing" Teyana, while one other said, "He needs to log off of IG and spend time with his newborn and family." An individual wrote, "It's the 'unconditional love' part that don't sit right with me. Yes, friends can have unconditional love towards each other, but this seems to cross the inappropriate line."

Some others, in the meantime, suspected that Lori might have participated in Teyana and Iman's threesome. For those who needed a reminder, Teyana once opened up about their sex life through a song called "3Way" which was a self-explanatory. She further detailed about it during an interview, "I'm not saying it's what you have to do. I'm saying when you make a vow, and when you're married, it ain't no limits. Period. It ain't no, what you gon' do, what you not gon' do. Why do we get married? How we gon' get married and then have limits?"

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