JT Beefing With Female Fan Who Kissed Lil Uzi Vert in Viral Photo

Remember the viral picture of Lil Uzi Vert kissing a female fan? Well, it appears the female fan, who goes by the name Exclusive on social media, has been throwing shades at Uzi's alleged ex-girlfriend, JT, as she accused her of being upset about their kiss. JT apparently has had enough and decided to hit back at the said fan.

JT said on Twitter on Thursday, September 10, "I swear on my niece that I love dearly God can take the breath out of her, this girl is being delusional I NEVER once said anything to or about her! Like please stop trying to build a false beef with me I don't know you at all!" She added in an additional tweet, "I don't like people lying on me keep that delusional s**t over there!"

Not stopping there, the City Girls rapper shaded Exclusive by saying that she would not "kiss multiple millionaire for FREE!" She continued, "WHAT THE F**K DID HE BUY YOU? Did you even SEE the d**k? B***h left with wet p***y and a photo!" In response, Exclusive wrote, "You trying to beef with me about a friend? You old and sad I'm cute that's it." She then called Uzi a platypus and shaded JT even more by saying, "I can never argue with a b***h who veneers chipped."

Exclusive also claimed that she has a photo of her with Uzi that she believed would make JT cry, but the latter quickly shut her down, "You not gone make nobody sad but him!" The rapper then said she was "embarrassed" for Uzi "that he even slipped up with a b***h with lose lips you over excited get it. But don't come for me!"

"You should've been going in his pockets not taking pics, he was high!" JT continued taking a jab at Exclusive, who responded, "I don't have to go in a n***a's pockets he broke me off regardless goofy & he couldn't have been too high we was in the house for an hour before we got in the car."

JT didn't directly reply to her tweet again, though she went on Instagram Live to deliver her final words. "So now y'all married cause he was in your house getting his braces done for an hour?!" she said at one point during the stream. "You're a bigger loser, and you should be embarrassed."

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