Kanye West Slammed for Supporting Candace Owens

Kanye West is taking the heat with yet another of his tweets, this time for showing his support for Candace Owens. On Thursday, September 10, the rapper posted a picture of the conservative political commentator's new book "Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation".

A green paper or post-it was slipped in the book, possibly to mark the last page that the "Gold Digger" spitter has read. Seemingly showing his approval of what Candace wrote in the book, he wrote in the caption, "THANK YOU CANDACE OWENS."

Kanye West Tweets Support for Candace Owens

Kanye is no stranger to controversial political moves, having previously supported President Donald Trump and currently running for president despite allegations that he does it to distract voters in favor of Trump. Still, his support for Candace shocked his fans and followers, considering the pro-Trump supporter's recent comments against Black Lives Matter movement.

Disappointed at the Yeezy designer, one wrote, "not you with this bs." Another fan exclaimed, "nooooooooo Kanye noooooooo." Having had enough of his recent antics, a third user wrote, "Kanye please not again."

Another blamed Kanye's tweet on him not taking treatment for his bipolar disorder. "go back on your medication please your stuff was better then," the said person begged. Another appeared to declare a boycott on his Yeezy products as saying, "Yeah bro I'm sorry @kanyewest I'm gonna have to give up my yeezey pass."

"you and candace are actually doing what you accuse Democrats of doing. You are trying to force us to go to love Trump. Black people are smart people who research and think for themselves. Go do you," another slammed Kanye and Candace.

"Nobody buying the wack book," a Candace hater wrote. Someone else slammed the 31-year-old author, "Nah. How can you support this witch?!" while another told Kanye, "@RealCandaceO sold her soul bro."

Noticing Kanye's tweet, Candace later reposted it on her own page and wrote along with it, "You're welcome! Thank you for inspiring me to be myself, unapologetically. Dragon energy."

Candace's book "Blackout" is scheduled to hit the shelves on September 15.

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