King Von Threatens Famous Dex for Challenging Him to Boxing Match

Famous Dex is back at it again. Even though the rapper has previously apologized to his fans for calling out King Von in public, he returned to Instagram Live on Thursday, September 10 to challenge his fellow hip-hop star to a boxing match while insisting that he doesn't have any beef with Von.

Dex said during the stream, "King Von… no beef bro. We can get some Socker Boppers. Socker boppers! Socker boppers!" He added, "It's not about being scared, it's about being smart. Why do we wanna kill each other when police are already killing us? I don't wanna kill nobody, bro. Let's get that out of the way. I don't have beef with King Von, no I don't."

He went on saying that he would "beat the dreads off your head" should Von accept his challenge. He noted, "I don't got no beef with bro. I can't beef and get money and take care of my kids. That's not what I'm on. But bro, I will take this [septum] piercing out and I will beat the dreads off your head. I will beat you like you my b***h. Lil boy. He could go worry about 6ix9ine, stop worrying about me."

Von was quick to come up with a response. Taking to his Twitter account, the "No Auto Durk" rapper said, "For everybody that don't kno me I been beating a** my whole life. In and out of jail. And I hit hard as hell. I'm jus throwing this tweet out here. Carry on." Even though Von didn't mention any name in his tweet, it was pretty clear that he was referring to Dex.

It arrived after Dex apologized for dissing Von in public. Telling his fans during an Instagram Live stream, the "H**'s Mad" rapper said, "I ain't go' say anybody's name cause I get people famous off doing that. You supposed to be from Chicago. We supposed to be together, like coming together."

He continued, "F**k Chicago, we supposed to be coming together 'cause Black on Black–Black power, you know what I'm saying?… All the other stuff, I just wanna say I love me and I'm apologizing to my fans because my fans know that's not Dexter. F**k anybody else, that's how I feel."

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