Angelina Jolie Makes Donation to Lemonade Kids Raising Money for Yemen

Angelina Jolie has surprised two British kids running a charity-driven lemonade stand with a generous undisclosed donation.

The movie star and Special Envoy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has discreetly pledged her support to the LemonAid Boys initiative led by six-year-old Londoners Ayaan Moose and Mikaeel Ishaa, who set up the drink station in July to raise money for those suffering in Yemen following a brutal five-year civil war.

"Hi Angelina, I'm Ayaan. And I'm Mikaeel. And we're the LemonAid boys. We just wanted to say thank you for donating to our cause," the pair said in a video post on their Instagram account. "It's really helped us raise more money and awareness for Yemen."

Ayaan's father Shakil Moose confesses he is still mesmerised by the fact Jolie had reached out to the family in August with a donation offer, having completed the contribution earlier this week. "She's been so amazing," he gushed to CNN. "It's surreal – she's not just a random star, you're talking about one of the top names on the planet so it's a bit overwhelming. She's phenomenal."

LemonAid Boys Ayaan and Mikaeel have now raised more than $90,000 (£70,000) and hope to more than double the figure by reaching $190,000 (£148,000) in donations to help address the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

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