Zac Efron and New Girlfriend Vanessa Valladares Already Having Heated Argument

Zac Efron and Vanessa Valladares' new romance is apparently already put on test. The couple, who seems to have a lot of fun together during his stay in Down Under, is reportedly concerned about being separated once he returns to the U.S. for work commitments.

According to an onlooker, the 32-year-old hunk and the 25-year-old Australian were overheard at a cafe having a tense conversation about their future together. The "High School Musical" star, who has been spending months in Byron Bay, will soon travel back to the States to begin filming new project and Vanessa may not be able to join him due to the coronavirus travel restrictions.

"They were first talking about how they enjoyed their trip to Thredbo," the onlooker tells Daily Mail Australia. "Zac then mentioned having to travel back to America eventually for work commitments, although he wasn't sure when he would have to go back."

"It sounded like there was a little bit of stress and tension between them over the fact that his girlfriend may not be able to go with him due to the strict border rules," the source notes. The pair are reportedly worrying the uncertainty of when they will be able to be reunited once Zac leaves Australia, even when he's done filming his movie.

"They mentioned that once Zac leaves he won't be allowed back into Australia because he's not a citizen, but his girlfriend also isn't allowed to travel to America so they'd effectively be separated until COVID-19 restrictions are eased," the source dishes, adding, "They also seemed to be a little bit worried by the number of COVID cases in America compared to Australia."

Zac and Vanessa have reportedly started dating since they met at the Byron Bay General Store cafe and the Light Years restaurant, where she was working, in July. A source said Zac was introduced to the Byron Bay local by her boss. The brunette beauty, who has done modeling work, is rumored to have quit her job now to be staying with Zac at Belongil Beach.

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