These Celebrities Open Up About the Challenges of Being Pregnant Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

America FerreraJamie OtisMeghan McCainCiaraMillie Mackintosh Alex MorganNikki BellaJodie Turner-SmithKaty Perry

Expecting a bundle of joy is a blessing in itself, though pregnancy journey isn't always easy. Moreover, being pregnant amid COVID-19 pandemic only doubles the challenges. Some pregnant celebrities got candid about what they felt about being pregnant in these trying times and how they overcame the hurdles with the support from people around them.

Some of them admitted that the coronavirus pandemic led them to an anxiety over their and their babies' safety. Some others were left being "terrified" over contracting the novel virus which led them to being extremely cautions. Not being able to go through medical checkup with their partners is also one of the concerns.

Find out the struggles that pregnant celebrities have to face during their pregnancy journey amid COVID-19 pandemic.

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