Alec Baldwin Showers Wife With Adoration for Standing Up to Mom-Shamers

Alec Baldwin is "proud" of his wife Hilaria for standing up to haters on social media after she was criticised for sharing a photo of herself breastfeeding their newborn son.

The couple welcomed little Eduardo on 8 September, and on Saturday, September 12, Hilaria gave fans an insight into life as a busy mother-of-five, nursing her baby while brushing her teeth and snapping a bathroom selfie.

"3.5 days in and we are champs at multitasking," she captioned the Instagram image.

While most fans applauded her for her skills, some followers argued breastfeeding pictures should be kept private, while others felt the need to slam the new mum for what they interpreted as showing off, insisting she was only able to juggle five kids with hired help.

Hilaria hit back at the trolls in a follow-up post, making it clear she won't hesitate to block anyone who spews hate and negativity on her page.

"I will post here and there about how we are doing. If you send me a comment telling me how much to post or how little, and I happen to see the message, I will just block you," she warned.

"I'm not interested in those opinions," she continued. "5 kids in, we are happy, healthy, bonded, tired, busy, but blessed. The split second it takes to snap a pic or put it here, on our community that we have built for years, is something I enjoy."

The yoga instructor and author also explained she was relying on social media to help her stay connected to friends and family who have been unable to visit due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Her fighting words won her high praise from actor Alec, who commented: "I am proud of you that you posted this. The content of this page is determined by you and you alone. And NO ONE has better instincts about the public/private wall than you."

Alec Baldwin's IG Comment

"Those who visit these sites to express their harsh judgments and insinuate how you should conduct yourself deserve one policy. Block them. This is not a debate."

The couple, which wed in 2012, also shares daughter Carmen, six, and sons Romeo, two, Rafael, five, and Leonardo, who turned four on Sunday.

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