Bow Wow Pisses XXXTENTACION’s Fans Off With Logo for New Song ‘Bad Vibes’

The last thing XXXTENTACION's fans want is their favorite artist getting disrespected. However, that's exactly what Bow Wow did when he announced on his Twitter account his upcoming song titled "Bad Vibes".

Fans quickly noticed that the cover artfor the forthcoming song from the "Growing Up Hip Hop" star included a design that was eerily similar to the late rapper's broken heart logo and name of his posthumous LP, "Bad Vibes Forever". XXXTENTACION, who died on June 18, 2018 also had the logo tattooed on his face.

"Skeletons in my closet, yea I walk with that/ I'm 4-5 with the comeback, I ain't lost a step," Bow raps on the new song. "Now they wanna cancel me/ I Harlem Shake that bulls**t off, come dance with me/ All the money in the world can't buy a piece of mind/ N***s pocket watching with they hands in mind/ Having bad days know Uncle Snoop gon' hit my line/ Just to check up on his nephew and make sure he fine/ Real love, dawg, that's hard to find these days/ That's why I stay to myself ’cause that's the safest place."

"Bow Wow with the braids is back," so Bow Wow wrote in the caption of the now-deleted post.

It didn't take long before XXXTENTACION's fans came at Bow Wow, accusing him of stealing his logo. Among the critics was XXXTENTACION's close friend DJ Scheme who wrote to him on Twitter, "Delete this lil bro trust."

"Bow wow is seeking attention because his fame and popularity has gone down the drain and will not come back up. So he's doing anything he can to build his popularity back up and it's f***ked up that he was still a dead man logo which will always be XXXTENTACION logo," one fan slammed Bow Wow.

"He sooo trash he needs to stop making music and now he's biting x damn homie really fell off hard," another person commented. "he literally took this exact PNG and put “Bad Vibes” above it in different font. MANS THINKS HES SLICK?" someone else added while another user wrote, "Like, is he drunk… What would make his ass think this is okay. It's not!!! This kid is on the list of other disrespectful humans toward. @xxxtentacion."

Bow Wow has yet to address the backlash.

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