Kenya Moore Hits Back at Porsha Williams for Accusing Her of Being Shady

Kenya Moore is not having it when someone accuses her of something that she doesn't do, not even when that someone is her own friend. The former beauty queen recently hit back at Porsha Williams for accusing her of leaving a shady comment directed towards the "Dish Nation" host.

It all started after an Instagram user claimed that Porsha, who has been attending a number of Black Lives Matter protests, is using her action for storyline. Before Porsha even responded to the said user, Kenya left a side eye emoticon and prompted her "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star to be mad at her.

Sharing a lengthy comment to hit back at both the online user and Kenya, Porsha said, "Is it really worth being an irrelevant moment from the past to try and discount what I'm doing now to help create a better future for ALL of us?? Praying for you and your Instagram name says it all – UP TO NO GOOD."

Porsha then directed the later part of her comment to Kenya as she had a problem with her using the side eye emoji to respond to the troll. "You should be supporting me as a fellow black woman trying so hard to change this [Earth emoji] and instead you're the least supportive person ever!!" she said. "If you're going to spend time bringing awareness to anything, try something positive in life…"

Kenya was taken aback to know that Porsha found a problem with her using the emoji. Insisting that she has always been supportive to Porsha, Kenya told her, "Be REAL on and off camera. REAL change starts with YOU. Let's be REAL apologetic to @evamarcille who has been a REAL activist before she ever heard of you. Let's be REAL that u said u would beat her a** after #BLM and @kandi behind her back with #thegirlloverhere after she privately shared big change @Bravo for us ALL."

She continued, "I've shown nothing but love to you and PJ for 3 years on and off camera. We saw the REAL you at reunion. @me in a scene because it's all for show, right?"

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