Tamar Braxton’s Ex Vincent Herbert Slams David Adefeso in Text Messages: I’m ‘Disgusted’

Amid the nasty drama between Tamar Braxton and ex-fiance David Adefeso, the singer apparently has been relying on ex-husband Vincent Herbert. A new report reveals that Vincent allegedly sent text messages to David, telling him that he wasn't a fan of what he did to Tamar, with whom he shares son Logan.

"We are not friends. And we will never be after hearing how you treated Tamar on Sunday," Vincent began his messages. "My conversation with you yesterday was respectful and honest and you never mentioned what you said to her, how you threatened her, then called the police on her as if it wasn't you on the tape that I heard threatening to kill Logan's mother."

Vincent went on to note that he was initially supportive of their relationship, but the recent development between the two changed his mind. "I'm disappointed and disgusted for a man to talk to any female the way you talked to someone you loved and promised me would protect," he allegedly told David.

He also said that he was bringing out Tamar and Logan's belongings from David's house. "I trust that you will have her watch that's in your car, various boxes in Logan's room, and everything else packed neatly so we can have this done privately and quickly," Vincent continued. "You let me know if you have any questions or issues but for now we have nothing else to discuss."

Tamar and David's split turned nasty after the latter filed for restraining order against Tamar amid domestic violence concerns. In David's filing against Tamar, he claimed that she unexpectedly started punching him in the jugular during an altercation, which caused him to become disoriented while behind the wheel of his Rolls-Royce.

She later apparently began to trash the car when he pulled over and parked the vehicle, damaging the camera and rearview mirror. He added that he suffered bruising to his neck and shoulder area, and recalls that Braxton confessed that her ex-husband wanted to "send goons" to kill him six months ago, but she stopped it from happening.

However, Tamar, who was hospitalized in July for suicide attempt, claimed that it was David who attacked her during the altercation. She also accused him of threatening to "suicide murder" her.

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