Cynthia Nixon’s Transgender Son Finds J.K. Rowling’s Controversial Comments ‘Really Painful’

Cynthia Nixon's son Samuel found it "really painful" when "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling hit headlines amid transphobic accusations.

The author found herself embroiled in controversy back in June (20) when she questioned the idea that "sex isn't real" in a series of tweets – comments she later explained but refused to retract in a lengthy blog post.

Now, in an interview with Britain's The Independent newspaper, former "Sex and the City" star Cynthia, who is mother to 23-year-old transgender son Samuel (Seph), explained the lasting impact the scandal has had on her family.

"It was really painful for him because so much of his childhood was tied up with Harry Potter. We're a Harry Potter family," Cynthia said. "The books seem to be about championing people who are different, so for her to select this one group of people who are obviously different and sort of deny their existence, it's just… it's really baffling."

Cynthia added, "I know she feels like she's standing up for feminism, but I don't get it."

Following Rowling's tweets, activists called on her to be "cancelled" with "Harry Potter" stars including Emma Watson and Bonnie Wright joining those criticising her for the remarks, but Rowling refused to back down – and even joined a large group of famous names writing an open letter denouncing cancel culture for Harper's Magazine earlier this year.

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