Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex Karim York Alleges She Was Abusive During Their Relationship

Megan Thee Stallion's ex Karim York has spoken up against the raptress as she is currently embroiled in a shooting drama with Tory Lanez. While the Canadian rapper has received a lot of bad press due to allegations that he shot Megan, she's now portrayed in a bad light as her ex denied old abuse reports.

In an Instagram post which screenshot was obtained by Mob Radio, the 30-year-old basketballer explained the need to clarify things out about his alleged toxic relationship with Megan. "KARIM YORK DOESNT SUPPORT ABUSING WOMEN NOR ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP," so he began his post. "It's f**ked up that I felt like I couldn't come out and defend myself solely off of public perception. I chose to be quiet throughout this time when someone was putting out a certain narrative about me, and today is the last day for that."

Without naming the 25-year-old star, Karim detailed an alleged incident during which he got his "a** beat" by his former girlfriend. "The night all this happened, this person was on drugs, xans to be exact. I GOT MY A** BEAT that night but I'm being pictured as the abuser on the internet," so he claimed.

The Austin native said that it wasn't the only time Megan allegedly got violent toward him. "I don't know how many times that woman put her hands on me with multiple witnesses there to see but not one time did I hit her," he continued. "I've had a gun pointed at me with the intentions of being shot and because of what, a window?"

Karim said he had visible injuries on his neck and face due to the alleged abuse, but he "didn't say s**t to nobody, not even to my family." He went on expressing his frustration over the way men were often depicted as the attackers while it's not always the case. "It's weak that women try to demonize black men like we not already going through enough in America," he said. "I do realize toxic relationships aren't good for anyone and if you stay in on it can detrimental to your physical and mental health."

"Furthermore, for anybody who has my name in their mouth speaking on my situation that you only heard 1 side of, please feel free to contact me via DM or text since mfs wanna be passive aggressive towards me," he stated, before stressing, "Karim York isn't taking accountability for something Karim York didn't do."

He also noted that "Megan and I are still great friends" after their split despite their alleged toxic relationship.

It's unknown when and how long Megan and Karin were dating, while the "Hot Girl Summer" hitmaker has not responded to his claims.

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