Summer Walker Accuses Nikita Dragun of Blackfishing Due to Her New Photo

Many people find problems with Nikita Dragun's latest photo on Instagram. Among them was Summer Walker, who was not afraid to speak her mind as she accused the social media star of blackfishing on Monday, September 14.

It all started after Nikita shared on the photo-sharing site a photo of her posing in a tight mini dress paired with a long pink wig and white sneakers. While there was nothing wrong with her pose, people were not having it because she looked so much darker than usual. Thus, people started attacking the 24-year-old.

Summer was one of the people who attacked Nikita, sarcastically writing in the caption, "lol you the same color as me babe." The R&B singer then added, "You cute tho."

Many were loving her comment as it garnered more than 15,000 likes. Not a few additionally admitted to laughing over the comment. "did she lie, Nikita stay blackfishing," one said. "One thang about summa… she gon say whatever on her lil mind," someone else wrote. On the other hand, one person wrote in all caps, "FINALLY YOU MINDING THE RIGHT BUSINESS."

There was an individual who used Summer's comment as another reason why s/he loves the singer, while another said, "IM ACTUALLY CRYING. I CANT BREATHEEEEEEEE PLEASE SUMMER WALKER LEAVESKLFMDMDM I CANTNNTMDMD." An individual, in the meantime, had this to say, "she needs to stop blackfishing."

This isn't the first time Nikita has been accused of blackfishing, though she previously defended herself by stating that she gets tanned easily. In response to a person who asked why "Nikita Dragun is so damn dark now," the model said, "cus my moms mexican and my dads viet… other races get tan but go off."

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