Summer Walker Blasts Haters, Confirms Her Rekindled Romance With London on da Track

Summer Walker is not having it when others have too much to say about her personal life. The "CPR" singer took to Instagram Stories to clap back at haters who seemed to think that she was someone who would never make mistakes.

"You people are so weird lol idk how many times I have to say it. I am a human being. I'm not finna put on some fake a** perfect public figure act for y'all," she began her message on Monday, September 14. "I'm a normal person with feelings and opinions & heart break, & drama & bad hair days , etc just like the rest of you."

She went on saying that her being "real" and her "relatable" music earned the success she has right now. "all the same embarrassing crazy funny s**t y'all have done & said as teenagers or young adults, SO HAVE I," she added. "yes I have a job but I'm not my job, there's a separation. when I get off my work I'm just me like everyone else."

"I really appreciate the genuine love from some of y'all but stop idolizing plp [sic] to the point you start to dehumanize them," she concluded. "it's weird."

In other news, Summer appeared to confirm speculations that she gets back together with London on da Track following a brief split. She posted a video taken during their fun-filled first date. "we went bowling, ate, shopping, & then hit the strip club, I never seen someone throw so much money in my life. a** was every where lol," she wrote in the caption.

"I fell in the club from being so drunk so we left , & other celebrities were there so my ratchet a** was probably embarrassing him lol then we went to his house & I was being a thot & then I think I couldn't hold my liquor lol but it was lit," she recalled. "& here we are a year later. I'm just reminiscing on fun times since I been in the house for like 8 months BORED AS THE F**K. I'm so over miss rona."

The pair sparked reunion rumors as they followed each other back on Instagram. Prior to this, Summer and the record producer had zero following as they hit the unfollow button on each other's page, prompting fans to think that they called it quits."

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