Sylvester Stallone’s Daughters Confess to Getting His Help in Breaking Up With Boyfriends

Sylvester Stallone is the king of break-up texts, according to his three daughters.

Podcast hosts Sistine Stallone and Sophia Stallone reveal their dad gives the best relationship advice and whenever they need to have the 'It's not you, it's me' talk with boyfriends, he often steps in to cushion the blow for their soon-to-be exes.

"He goes, 'Let me tell you how a guy thinks', and so he'll write it to a text for us (sic): 'Breaking up with a guy,' " Sistine tells Access Daily. "I think most of the time our boyfriends don't know Sly is breaking up with them!"

"It's very quick, simple."

Sistine also reveals that her dad can be very intimidating when boyfriends meet him for the first time, "When you first meet him he puts up a bit of an act – big tough guy."

Sister Sophia adds, "My first boyfriend that came over, he shook his hand for the first time and he said, 'This is a weak handshake, shake harder!'"

And to add to the intimidation factor, there are statues of Stallone and images of the star all over the family's home.

"Our house is a museum of Sly," Sistine explains. "He goes, 'Rocky built the house, so Rocky's gonna be everywhere!' "

"He has a lot of cardboard cut-outs and wax figures of him, so sometimes we'll move those around the house just to scare people."

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