‘AGT’ Recap: 11 More Acts Perform on Second Night of Semi-Finals

"America's Got Talent" aired the second night of its season 15 semi-finals featuring 11 acts performed for the judges, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara. Simon Cowell was still absent as he's recovering from back surgery. The episode, which aired on Tuesday, September 15 on NBC, also brought back wild card selections.

The first performer that night was Simon's Golden Act winner W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew. The group attempted to step up their game for their performance for the semi-finals as they lit up an old truck repair shop on the studio lot. They also explored every inch of it with tricks. They earned huge praises from the judges as Sofia said that their performance perfectly showed their personality and passion.

Following up was singer Kenadi Dodds, who sang Thomas Rhett's "Be a Light". Howie loved her performance, noting that she sounded beautiful. Sofia, meanwhile, praised Kenadi's song choice, saying that it was the "perfect sentiment for the night." Additionally, Sofia called Kenadi a "confident pop star."

As for Magic Max, he invited Heidi to join her in a roulette-inspired trick. He asked her, the other judges, host Terry Crews and even live audience guests to select a number from the table. He amazingly correctly predicted all six numbers. After Bello Sisters performed their impressive routine, Celina opted to sing "Jealous" by Labrinth from the top of a studio lot building at night. While it was a delicate performance, Howie claimed that he wasn't sure if that was enough to make her stay in the competition.

Later, Jonathan Goodwin performed with another jaw-dropping dangerous act. He was seen riding a zip line 60 feet in the air to land on a platform 80 feet away. Adding challenge to his performance, he locked himself with a padlock, tied his hands behind his back and suspended himself from ropes that was on fire before riding the zip line by his teeth. Howie said that it was terrifying yet amazing.

Cristina Rae then belted out Cynthia Erivo's "Jump". Heidi was totally into the performance as she pleaded for the audience to vote for her. Sofia echoed the sentiment as she claimed that Cristina perfectly nailed the performance. BAD Salsa, meanwhile, performed from India. The pair's precision in the performance earned them a standing ovation. All judges showered them with praises as Howie called them amazing.

Performing next was Terry's Golden Buzzer act, Voices of Our City Choir. For the semi-finals, they chose to sing "Heroes" by David Bowie. It was such a beautiful performance that the judges couldn't help but give them a standing ovation.

The next performer was Brett Loudermilk, who invited Howie to be his assistant. Prior to that, he had Sofia and Heidi randomly picked one picture, a photo of a rubber ducky, among a stack of images. Much to everyone's surprise, Brett revealed that he had previously swallowed a rubber ducky and then choked it up on stage. Heidi laughed but she thought it was a "little disgusting."

Concluding the night was Daneliya Tuleshova who performed a rendition of Jessie J's "Who You Are". The judges gave her a standing ovation with Sofia saying that she's shining like a star. Heidi also noted that her performance would definitely be among the top list of what America would vote.

Results of tonight's performance will be revealed in the Wednesday, September 16 episode of "America's Got Talent".

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