Ava Max Feels Annoyed by Lady GaGa Comparison

Ava Max doesn't like people comparing her to Lady GaGa as she feels any similarities are superficial.

The "Sweet but Psycho" hitmaker shot to fame back in 2018 after that track shot into the top 10 in the U.S. and topped the U.K. charts, but some critics have compared her unfavourably to the pop superstar due to her image and electropop stylings.

However, despite being a huge fan of Gaga, she doesn't like the comparisons as she feels people are trying to pit her against one of her idols in a competition she can't win.

"A lot of people compare me to her, and she's incredible by the way, she's an artist of a decade right so you can't say anything bad about her," Ava tells British newspaper The Sun.

"I think a lot of people compare me to her because I have blonde hair and I make pop music, which is so weird. People shouldn't compare women that much."

"I mean why do people compare women, but I get it, it's an easy thing to do but I see myself as myself so it's weird, I gained a lot of inspiration growing up from a lot of pop idols and I feel like everyone is in me, everyone I listened to growing up."

The 26-year-old releases her debut album, "Heaven & Hell", on Friday (17Sep20), which includes the track "Who's Laughing Now", about those who bullied her during her school days.

Speaking about her difficult teenage years, she says, "You can't really predict what school is going to be like for kids and for me, it was really hard and I didn't want to go to school."

"There was a girl gang who really was just bullying me non-stop. I even got cornered in a bathroom. Someone put my head in a toilet. That was Middle School for me and I didn't like it. And I didn't want to go to school and at one point I didn't go. I started doing home-schooling."

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