Chris Evans Calls ‘Embarrassing’ Nude Photo Leak ‘Teachable Moments’

Chris Evans has once again addressed the nude picture blunder that sent Internet into frenzy over the weekend. Appearing on "The Tamron Hall Show" on Tuesday, September 15, the Captain America depicter in Marvel Cinematic Universe was grilled about the "embarrassing" incident and how he turned it into a political message.

Tamron Hall started the conversation about the leaked nude photo by saying, "Chris last night. You tweeted out last night something referencing I think… you were trending over the weekend and your brother even commented that he left social media for the weekend and logged back on, 'What did I miss?' " She went on asking the 39-year-old hunk, "You said, 'Now that I have your attention vote.' "

Chris initially tried to deflect the question, joking, "Did something happen this weekend umm…." Tamron then pressed him further as saying, "Go after your brother first of all because his tweet caught my eye. I don't know how your tweet didn't catch my eye but his tweet caught my eye…."

Actor Mark Kassen then tried to cover for Chris. "I was really talking about traveling from New York to DC and its really busy and I…," he said, before the host interrupted him to say, "While its really nice for you to cover for Chris, I will cut your mic off."

Chris finally addressed the elephant in the room, admitting, "Yeah that's called turning a frown upside down Tamron. You know, look, it was… an interesting weekend full of lessons learned…lot of teachable moments… you know, things happen. It's embarrassing."

While he confessed to being embarrassed by his own mistake, the "Knives Out" star still managed to see the silver lining of the situation. "You got to roll with the punches," he said, before praising his fans for their support, "I will say I have some pretty fantastic fans who really came to my support. That was really, really nice…"

During the interview, Chris also talked about his political project, a new website called A Starting Point which he co-founded with Mark. The website aims at getting Americans more involved in the political process.

Chris made headlines over the weekend after he accidentally leaked an NSFW image. He posted on his Instagram Stories a video of himself and some friends playing Heads Up. When the video ended, it showed the phone's camera roll. The pictures included several of Chris, along with a dark photo of a penis.

While there's no way of confirming who the man in the photo is, the clip was swiftly deleted, leading followers to believe it was Chris' manhood which had been accidentally exposed to the world. Chris' Marvel co-star Mark Ruffalo and his brother Scott Evans later took to Twitter to roast him over the leaked penis pic.

Meanwhile, Chris himself broke his silence on Monday with a tweet which read, "Now that I have your attention…. VOTE Nov 3rd!!!!"

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