Cynthia Bailey Has the Perfect Response to Hater Body Shaming Her

Cynthia Bailey won't go easy on those throwing negative comments about her figure. Getting body-shamed after posting a picture of herself on social media, the cast member of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" offered a perfect clapback at one particular hater who told her to "lose some weight."

The banter began with an Instagram posting by the 53-year-old TV personality that displayed her flashing a smile while looking chic in a black crop top with matching high-waisted bell bottoms. In accompaniment of the photo, she simply wrote, "Black on Black @adorningimpact."

Many of Cynthia's followers were quick to praise her look. Not everyone seemed to be complimentary though. One social media user harshly commented, "Lose Some weight." It apparently caught the model's attention, who in return wrote back, "@itsmikehill ain't complaining," tagging her fiance Mike Hill.

Cynthia Bailey's IG Post

The hater, however, reversed the harsh comment in another of Cynthia's other post, and wrote in its comment section, "Wow [heart emoji]." While the reality star did not offer any more response, some of her devotees fired back with one stating, "girl don't be fake now. You made the daily mail with your shitty weight shaming comments," and another pointing out, "so you were on here yesterday criticizing Cynthia yesterday and today you are saying Wow… you sound confused."

Cynthia Bailey's IG Post

Cynthia has actually just dropped a significant amount of weight as she prepares for her wedding that will take place in Atlanta on October 10. Speaking to Hollywood Life in early September, she admitted that she initially gained 20 pounds during quarantine since food became her "happy place."

She went on to share how she succeeded to shed the excess fat away. "When I returned back to Lake Bailey by myself, I was able to kind of manage my food a little bit better because I didn't have my family with me and honestly some days I didn’t even eat as much as before," she admitted to the outlet.

"It just wasn't an issue when I came home, because I was just eating for myself, so I was able to control what was in the refrigerator," she continued explaining. "I was able to control my snacking and all of that kind of stuff."

Though she has lost 20 pounds, Cynthia claimed she is looking forward to losing another 10-15 more pounds. "I'm definitely trying to be a lot healthier and get my exercise on until the wedding to get all this fineness in my wedding dress – because I am a little concerned," she pointed out before expressing her concern that her dress "is not stretch material, and I have to fit into it!"

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