G Herbo Bribes Mexican Police to Avoid Jail After Trying to Smuggle Weed

G Herbo narrowly escaped being thrown into jail for trying to smuggle weed into Mexico. The rapper has confessed to bribing Mexican police after they threatened him with jail time over carrying two-ounces of weed.

On early Tuesday, September 15, the Chicago-born rap star took to Instagram Stories to lament that he got finessed by police and had to hand out $2,000. "10 minutes into the trip, soon as I land, these b***hes just went in all my shit and just found two zips," he said in an Instagram video.

He claimed that the police started to threaten him with jail time. " 'Aye, you 'bout to go to jail, boy. How much money you got on you?' No cap, I just gave him $2000, all American so that's really $20,000 out here," he claimed. "And they just finessed the f**k out of me. They said, 'Oh, yeah?' They told me they found Taina weed pen."

G Herbo wasn't the only one who got finessed by police during his latest trip to Mexico as he revealed that his security also coughed up another $2,000 for carrying the substance that is deemed illegal in the country. "They took all my weed. I'm mad as hell. I'm finna get so damn drunk this trip, now. They took the doink," he said, clearly upset for not having the marijuana with him anymore.

In another video, the 24-year-old was comforted by his girlfriend Taina Williams, who was traveling with him, as he continued to complain about having the weed seized by police. "Aye bro. You know, they took a lot of weed from me at the airport… They took it. [I'm] stressed out," he whined to the camera.

Despite the run-in with Mexican police, G Herbo seemed to be in a good mood later that day as hours later, he surprised his bae with a brand new bag. Taina showed off the cute pink handbag from her man in an Instagram Story video. She clearly loved the gift as she professed her love for him by writing along with the clip, "Ugh I love him."

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