Internet Goes Bananas Over Halsey and Sydney Sweeney’s Bikini Pics

Halsey and Sydney Sweeney are breaking the Internet. Fans are going wild after the singer shared on social media on Tuesday, September 15 a series of pictures of her and the "Euphoria" star enjoying a picnic poolside date in skimpy bikinis.

In one of the photos shared on her Instagram account, Halsey and Sydney opted for matching cut-out bikinis that helped them flaunt their snatched waists and ample cleavages. The ladies then switched out their sexy one-piece with yellow-and-white string bikinis as they struck fierce poses while sharing a lounge chair by the poolside.

Not stopping there, some of the photos showed the "Without Me" singer and the actress enjoying a picnic in the backyard. In one picture, Halsey had her eyes locked on Sydney who looked into the distance. "strong and tender, my favorite lady and I," Halsey wrote underneath the photos, which has been loved by more than 1,5 million people. She additionally credited photographer Sam Dameshek for taking the beautiful shots.

The photos quickly went viral with a lot of people gushing over the ladies' beauty. Demi Lovato even could not help but comment, "I'm coming next time and I'm bringing guac. Ima help y'all with the snacks." Meanwhile, one person imagined, "In my wildest fantasy I am in a very hot and steamy love triangle with them."

"I didn't think it was possible for me to become more gay but the pictures of Sydney Sweeney and Halsey hanging out have proved me wrong," another raved. "sydney sweeney if you're reading this, i am free to hang out any day this week pls message me if you're free this week to hang out while i'm free to hang out this week so that we can hang out this week when i am free," one other gushed over the blonde beauty.

Someone else was so excited s/he wrote in all caps, "OH MY GODKCKWKFKWK HOW IS SYDNEY SWEENEY REAL LIKE GET OUTTA HERE." In the meantime, an individual said, "ugh good evening! sydney sweeney is trending! what an amazing day to see her big fat mommy milkers on my timeline!"

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