Mulatto Canceled After Calling Her Darker-Skinned Friend ‘Orangutan’

Mulatto has caught heat after jokingly calling her friend "orangutan" in an Instagram video. In the short clip, the rapper had her hair done by the darker-skinned pal, whom she described as "my assistant and my hairstylist and my best friend." She paused a bit before she added of her friend, "My pet f**king orangutan."

Someone was heard chuckling off the camera as the "Muwop" raptress appeared to be joking. While her playful remark was indicating how comfortable and close she is with her friend, some Internet users didn't take it lightly and accused her of being a colorist.

"The fact that her name is a slur, she has lighter skin, and add in the pet orangutan comment to a darker skinned woman is what has people upset," one Twitter user explained why Mulatto's remark was deemed offensive. "You can say she was joking, while also acknowledging the optics are terrible and that some 'jokes' aren't right."

A disappointed fan wrote, "God d**nit Latto. We were rooting for you." A third one slammed the 21-year-old star, "If you're light skinned and you're calling DSBW roaches, orangutans ir (sic) anything like that, that is colorist you jacka**. Im so sick of these yellow b***hes. Signed, a yellow b***h."

"I understand joking with my friends cause we call each other names just playing around but monkey? That's where you lost me…no way," an upset user tweeted. Another angry person added, "A pet orangutan. Baby I would've cranked them flat irons to 500 DEGREASE and clamped the s**t outta her. We would've been the same shade by the time I finished with her."

Someone else simply commented on the video which was reuploaded on YouTube, "CANCELLED." Another reasoned why Mulatto's joke was inappropriate, "I'm light skinned. And I have never jokingly called anyone a monkey. I just don't think it's funny. I think it's a slur against our people."

However, there were a few who defended Mulatto. "Y'all only saying that bc she light skin, if it was two dateline friends playing like that y'all wouldn't say none, regardless of how light she is she still black," one person claimed. Another opined, "If the friend has no problem with it then mind y'all business."

"people too damn sensitive," someone hit back at the critics. Agreeing, another similarly said, "Some of yall have PTSD from getting made fun of so much at school that y'all STILL taking the frustration out on other people & get offended by EVERYTHING."

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