NBA Star Kelly Oubre Jr. Reportedly Cheating on Girlfriend With Celina Powell

Kelly Oubre Jr.'s relationship with his girlfriend Shylyn is being put on a test. It's been reported that the basketball player is cheating on Shylyn with Celina Powell as a source said that he had a threesome with the self-proclaimed Instagram thot and her friend Aliza.

It all started after Celina stated that she and Aliza got kicked out of a plane and were forced to land in Phoenix. She additionally posted a photo that explained the reason why the two got booted off the plane, showing off a paper that read, "Notice: Your action may be in violation of federal law."

It appeared Kelly caught wind of the ladies landing in Phoenix because he then sent one of them a message offering to book them a hotel room in the city. In a screenshot obtained by The Shade Room, the girl said, "No b***h come get me. We wanna f**k now," in response to his offer. Kelly apparently agreed as he said that he'd come to meet the two right away. "Take a Uber to the room I'll meet you there," so he said in the screenshot.

The source told the gossip site, "Security took their phone but y'all know she sent a vid walking with his security guard when he showed up at the spot." The insider then added that Kelly and Celina have been talking "ever since he came to Denver back in October. Y'all know he got a girlfriend that he posts on Instagram. He acts so in love but he's really kicking it with my homegirls."

Kelly hasn't given his comment on the cheating reports.

Celina herself is already infamous for breaking relationships. She previously exposed Snoop Dogg for cheating on his wife, Shante Broadus, with her, prompting Shante to respond with an emotional post that read, "U ever watch somebody u love turn into somebody u dont know [sad face] [broken heart]." She added in the caption, "Where did it go wrong."

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