Alexis Skyy Hates Travis Scott’s McDonald’s Meal: It Made Me Puke

Travis Scott (II)'s McDonald's meal apparently doesn't live up to some people's expectation. Amid the hype surrounding the new meal which the fast food chain recently launched in collaboration with the rapper, Alexis Skyy tried to keep up with the trends and tasted the meal herself.

So on Tuesday, September 15, the reality TV star stopped by a McDonald's restaurant and purchased the $6 meal, only to be disappointed. She first took to her Instagram Stories to post a photo of her McDonald's receipt, with "The Travis Scott" printed on it.

Later, she returned to the social media app to give her honest review on the meal and admitted that she was sick after eating it. "I'm sorry but I have to throw up after eating that s**t," Alexis wrote in an update on her Stories posted around an hour later.

Alexis isn't the only one who dislikes the Travis Scott meal, as many other Instagram users share the sentiment. "It trash," one slammed the meal. Another agreed with Alexis, writing, "I didn't like it either." A third user shared, "Hell yea I ate 25% of mine and threw away the rest neva again."

One person, meanwhile, was confused as to why the new meal made people sick while it's pretty similar to a previously existing McDonald's meal. "How is everyone suddenly sick after eating this burger? It's literally the same burger it's been for years expect with bacon. What's happening?" the said user asked.

The special meal includes a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce, fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite.

The "Antidote" spitter recently stopped by a McDonald's restaurant in Downey, CA to celebrate the launch of his Cactus Jack meal, drawing a large crowd of over 500 people who were waiting to meet him. He was later fined $200 by the city for failing to get a permit for a crowd over 200 people and failing to get a permit to film.

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