‘Basketball Wives’ Star Angel Love Davis Details Struggles to Giving Birth Prematurely at 28 Weeks

Angel Love Davis has gone through a lot to become a mother of two. Revealing that she welcomed her second child Savior Amar three months earlier than expected, the season five cast member of "Basketball Wives" detailed the struggles of giving birth prematurely at 28 weeks.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the event leading up to Savior's birth, the 33-year-old recalled how a normal checkup turned into a two-month hospitalization in Atlanta. "I found out my cervix was funneling," she explained, "[which means] it was still closed at the bottom, but the top wasn't closed all the way, so it looks like a funnel." She added, "It was a risk for preterm labor."

The TV personality, who happened to be a registered nurse, went on to share that her condition "got worse" after doctors gave her medication to help with the funneling. "It got to a point where [my cervix] opened all the way. I was dilated 1 centimeter, and I was maybe 23 or 24 weeks," she recounted her ordeal.

Despite the difficulties, Angel was still hopeful she could "make it to 34 weeks." Her water, however, broke at 25 weeks. Fortunately for her, the medication from her medical team helped "push off" labor for another three weeks. She added that she was given some steroids to help make her unborn baby "stronger."

Eventually, Angel delivered her second son on May 23 via an emergency C-section. "They actually felt his leg," she jokingly said when remembering the moment the nurse checked her cervix during labor. "He was about to walk on out!" She also marveled over her infant's triumph after delivery. "He didn't have to be intubated; he came out breathing on his own, which was all a blessing," she said.

"He had some oxygen for a little while [and] a feeding tube, and that's just because of him learning to have that sucking reflex he just didn't have at that time because he still was a preemie," the reality star continued sharing. "[Two weeks later] he started latching on to the breast."

In the interview, Angel admitted that "the hardest part" of the whole situation "was not really knowing what was going to happen to my baby." She elaborated, "Like, 'Is he going to make it? Is he gonna be healthy? Am I able to do this?' Because as a mother, you feel like you have the responsibility [of asking], 'What can I do to be the best mother that I can be to make sure that my baby is being delivered at the best health?' "

Finding the experience "so nerve-wracking," Angel was inspired to share her story with fellow mothers. "I definitely want to share [my experience] with another woman [who's going through this], 'cause I know they're having the same concerns I'm having," she stated. "I want to let them know that I pulled through this, and they can get through this too."

Angel assured that baby Savior has been doing well since his arrival. The New Orleans native told the outlet that her six-year-old daughter Heaven Love has also been helpful with her little brother. "Since day one, she's been very excited about being a big sister and helping out. Every day she's like, 'Mommy, I want to help out as much as I can. I'm gonna do whatever you tell me to do.' It seems like she just grew up overnight," she shared.

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