Fans Are Disappointed MoneyBagg Yo Chooses City Girls Over Mulatto for ‘Said Sum’ Remix

MoneyBagg Yo has blessed his fans with new music. The hip-hop star released the remix of his song "Said Sum" on Thursday midnight, September 17, tapping City Girls and DaBaby to join him on the track. However, it looks like fans are less than pleased with MoneyBagg's choice for the featuring artists.

On the nearly-three minute song, JT is in charge of the first verse before passing the baton to Baby, MoneyBagg and her partner Yung Miami. Name-dropping Ray J, JT spits her bars, "I leave a b***h mad with the stuck face (Ha)/ Who the f**k are h**s playin' wit' anyways? (What?)/ City Girls make 'em wish like Ray J (Let me talk to 'em)/ All these n****s wanna f**k JT (They do)."

Both JT and Yung Miami actually did a good job, but fans are disappointed with the fact that MoneyBagg chose them over Mulatto. Some did not even hold back in bashing the hip-hop duo, with one writing, "City girls do not sound good on every song .. mulatto is that b***h she should've been on Said sum remix."

Someone could not even hide his/her disappointment by writing in all-caps, "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THIS N***A PUT CITY GIRLS ON SAID SUM REMIX OVER MULATTO???????!" On the other hand, an individual commented, "With all respect, I'm highly pissed city girls did not deliver @mulatto sis come fix that s**t!" One other said, "Disappointed! We told you mulatto! City girls fire but that's not they flow!"

Meanwhile, another person wrote, "Moneybagg put city girls on said sum remix AND IM DISAPPOINTED, i was hoping for mulatto." There was also one person who said, "I loveee city girls but I think mulatto would have ate up said sum remix."

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