Floyd Mayweather Set for Boxing Return to Fight Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is reportedly set to make a boxing return, two years since his last match. The former professional boxer may come out of his retirement before the end of the year to fight YouTube star Logan Paul.

According to YouTuber Keemstar, a boxing insider has told him that a "Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul" match is happening "this year." Sounding certain, he said in a short clip, "I confirmed. I just confirmed it."

He also cited a previous report by The Fighting News' Mike Feinberg, who said in a YouTube video that Floyd has signed a contract to fight Logan in an upcoming exhibition match to take place before the end of 2020.

"I've got some breaking news for you," he said in the video. "Floyd Mayweather Jr is coming out of retirement and has just officially signed a contract to fight in an exhibition match against Logan Paul – YouTube sensation Logan Paul."

Twitter users quickly reacted to the news, with many already speculating how it will end. "Logan will lose," one predicted a loss for the YouTube star. Another similarly opined, "Logan won't last half a round in a fight with Floyd. It's going to be an exhibition fight though right? Hopefully Floyd just knocks him out either way. Lol."

Some others, meanwhile, cast their doubt that the fight will ever happen because Floyd and Logan are on different weight classes. "ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN!" one person reacted. "Logan's to big, their completely opposite weight classes and floyd wouldn't lower his standards like that and destroy his reputation as one of if not the best that's ever done it… get real!"

"imposible way different weight classes," another simply remarked. Someone else agreed as commenting, "Nah I'm with him it probably won't happen. They're completely different weight range and I don't think mayweather would fight someone will a trash record. Logan has never won a fight dude."

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