Jason Derulo Develops Superhero Movie

Jason Derulo is penning a script for a movie featuring his TikTok superhero alter ego Uzo.

The R&B superstar has been an early adopter on TikTok, with the videosharing app propelling "Savage Love", his track with fellow TikTok star Jawsh 365, to number one in the U.K. charts.

Now the "Cats" star has bigger ambitions – saying he wants to make a movie about the crime-fighting character he has debuted on the app – and has been working with movie scribes to bring his dream to life.

"I have been screenwriting with some really cool writers and learning a lot, I love building stuff from nothing," he tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

"I love creating stories and it's just about seeing them through now and what will be the first big initial break-out movie or television show, it's about finding the right one."

Discussing his superhero character's popularity and why he thinks he's onto a winner, Jason adds, "I have been teasing on TikTok, and that has like 100 million views in four videos. So I thought damn, I need to take this seriously and so I have been working on a longer form and we're seeing what we can do."

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