Sharon Stone Remembers Director’s Set Treatment After Her Refusal to Sit on His Lap

Sharon Stone has revealed she was treated poorly on the set of one film after she refused to sit on a director's lap.

The actress has detailed the disturbing incident during an interview with Town & Country magazine, noting she was reprimanded after sticking up for herself.

She didn't name the filmmaker or the production.

"He'd (director) tell me that I should sit on his lap to get direction for the scene," she says, "and when I told him that I was not going to sit on his lap, he would send me back to the trailer. And that is just the way it was."

During the chat, Sharon also recalled becoming a global sex symbol after her role in the 1992 thriller "Basic Instinct", noting she couldn't understand the hype.

"People, I guess, really needed a sex symbol," she shared. "I mean, I never thought I was that sexy."

But Stone now realises why audiences took notice of her.

"When I did 'Basic Instinct', I explored my dark side and made friends with my dark side," she added. "I got to not be afraid of my own self. I think people find that sexy."

She also famously flashed her bare crotch in a now-iconic leg-crossing scene.

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