Trina Braxton Says Sister Tamar Wants to Tell ‘Her Own Story’ Amid David Adefeso’s Abuse Claims

Trina Braxton has given more updates about sister Tamar Braxton's well-being amid drama with ex-fiance David Adefeso. In a new interview with actress Vivica A. Fox, Trina revealed that Tamar is doing "better" following her suicide attempt.

"You know, we're continuing to pray. You know, but a lot of people want to know and a lot of people ask, and I and I get it because people they they want to know because they care," she explained. Trina also appeared to address David's claims that say Tamar abused him as she added, "But the one thing that Tamar has asked us is to allow her to tell her own story."

She continued, "But I am gonna say this, and I'm gonna tell this to anyone watching. Check on your well friends." When asked to clarify, Trina elaborated, "I'm saying just because everyone seems like they have it all together. Never what they're going through internally."

Vivica then asked, "How did you feel when you saw that?" To that, Trina responded, "Well, I thought I thought it was a [lot] and I thought it was unnecessary but I think it's important for me to keep my opinions to myself because it's not gonna be pleasant."

Tamar and David's split turned nasty after the latter filed for restraining order against Tamar amid domestic violence concerns. In David's filing against Tamar, he claimed that she unexpectedly started punching him in the jugular during an altercation, which caused him to become disoriented while behind the wheel of his Rolls-Royce.

He also alleged that he suffered bruising to his neck and shoulder area, and recalled that Braxton confessed that her ex-husband wanted to "send goons" to kill him six months ago, but she stopped it from happening. However, Tamar, who was hospitalized in July for suicide attempt, claimed that it was David who attacked her during the altercation. She also accused him of threatening to "suicide murder" her.

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