Wendy Williams Debuts New Hair With Bangs, Talks About Dating While in Quarantine

Wendy Williams is looking good! The TV host debuted a new hair makeover when she joined Seth Meyers in a virtual interview in the Tuesday, September 15 episode of "Late Night With Seth Meyers".

During her appearance, the 56-year-old star looked fresh as she showed off her new bangs that were cut bluntly across her forehead. Additionally, Wendy appeared to change her hair color as it looks much blonder than before.

Praising Wendy, Seth said, "That is a beautiful color on you. I think you look absolutely stunning, as always. And it's really lovely to see you back on your set in your throne. Is it nice to be home?"

Wendy, who filmed from her talk show set, responded, "It very much is. You know, we come back on the 21st and we've been off for seven months." She then went personal as she said, "I haven't been hugged by a man in five months." When Seth laughed, Wendy interjected, "Seth, you know what I'm saying."

During the interview, the 56-year-old also shared that she peeped at her neighbor. "There's an apartment building across, and the man takes showers, and the shower is right there at the window," she told Seth. "And I watch."

"Wendy, when I heard you had the binoculars, I thought it was about passersby. But now I feel like what you're doing is borderline criminal," Seth said. To that, Wendy responded, "'I peep, and I tom."

Wendy later getting candid about the struggling of dating while in quarantine. "For the first two months, it was easy," she shared. "You know, March and April. You know, date, have fun, do stuff, shake it and shimmy." However, things went hard in the following months. "I'm like, 'Uhm. Don't come over here.' "

While she admitted that she went to some places amid COVID-19 pandemic, Wendy said, "Every time I got out of the house, I'm always squinting and looking." She also talked about her cats, Chit Chat and My Way.

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