Ari Flecther Tearfully Begs MoneyBagg Yo to Call Her Back on ‘Brain Dead’

MoneyBagg Yo released his new album "Code Read" on Friday, September 18, and one song already stood out more than the rest. Titled "Brain Dead", the song garnered attention due to the fact that the rapper included his girlfriend Ari Fletcher's voicemails towards the end of the tune.

Following the last chorus, people could hear the answering machine voice before Ari started speaking, "Hey babe, I'm just checkin' on you, see where you at, what you doin'. Call me when you can, love you, bye." Not getting any answer from the rapper, the mom of one called again as she sounded pissed, "I'm not finna keep call your motherf**kin' phone, like. Call me the f**k back, drop your location, something, I'm gonna beat your a**, you got me f**ked up. Call me back now."

However, MoneyBagg still had not called Ari back and it made her so frustrated she started crying. "I'm sick of this s**t, like, I'm done, I don't know why you always do this s**t to me. Like you waste my f**kin' time, all the time," she said. "All you have to do is call me back."

MoneyBagg teased Ari's feature on the song days before the release of the album. During a joint Instagram Live stream with his girlfriend, MoneyBagg shared a teaser of the song as Ari bragged, "I'm a rapper now." However, before they got to her part in the song, she admitted to feeling nervous and shy.

Because of this, people were disappointed because they thought Ari would rap for real rather than having her voicemails included on the song. "thought this girl was gone spit a bar or 2 and she on there begging," one said. "I'm mad bc they made it seem like she was gon rap all she did was cry on the phone," another wrote.

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