David Banner’s Blamed for Man’s Death in Car Crash, Family Demands His Responsibility

David Banner has been accused of homicide following his involvement in a fatal car accident. A family member of Jeremy Evans, who was killed in the fatal car accident taking place about nine months ago, took to Instagram to seek justice for the victim after the rapper complained about still having a concussion from the crash.

The family member re-posted photos of the wrecked cars, which were initially shared and then deleted by David himself. He shed light on the incident as he wrote in the caption, "A lot of you may not know but my brother Jeremy Evans was and a fatal car accident on December29 2019 he was a the Toyota and the other driver @davidbanner was in that truck."

Jeremy's brother alluded that David conspired with police to cover up for him, claiming, "The police are trying to give my brother fault for the accident and saying speeding didn't play a factor." He went on explaining, "my brother was hit from the side if speed didn't play a factor why does both vehicles look like this if sleep if speed didn't play a factor how much my brother died on impact but it's all just a big cover because of who @davidbanner is but now it's time for the truth to come to light y'all."

Jeremy's brother added in another post, "My brother did 10 years in prison and came to better his life and take care of his sons 3 months after he came home he was a fatal car accident @davidbanner was the driver of tge other he's complaining that he still has a concussion but what about my brother who lost his life what about his sons who had to grow up without a father."

"What about the pain we have to deal with on a daily base waking up and realizing he's really gone it wasn't just a bad dream," he continued lamenting, "and not to mention @davidbanner you knew my brother was dead on the scene and you didn't try to reach out to us and apologize or anything it's been almost 9 months and still on apology or nun how could you sleep knowing you killed someone and didn't do anything about but get it covered up." He added the hashtag, "#Justiceforjeremy."

Jeremy revealed that several news outlets have since reached out to him to hear more of his side of the story. "Thanks to everyone who liked, commented, and or shared any of the post my family made," he wrote in a new post. "this is only the beginning 3 different bloggers have already post about it THE TRUTH WILL BE TOLD and my family and I will receive the justice we deserve."

David has not responded to the claims.

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