Fans Can’t Get Enough of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s Flirty Exchange in ‘Fast Times’ Table Read

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's reunion for the table read of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" was finally happening on Thursday night, September 17. Joined by Sean Penn, Matthew McConaughey, Jimmy Kimmel, John Legend, Ray Liotta, Julia Roberts, Shia LaBeouf, Morgan Freeman and Henry Golding, the former couple performed together for the first time 15 years after their divorce.

During the unrehearsed live table read, "The Morning Show" actress played Phoebe Cates' character Linda Barrett and the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star voiced Brad Hamilton, who was portrayed by Judge Reinhold, in the 1982 movie. The twist was no one knew which part would go to whom, and Jen and Brad's characters happen to share a saucy scene.

The two former spouses got to reenact the movie's deeply embarrassing swimsuit sequence, in which Brad's character fantasizes about jerking off to Jen's character. "[Linda's] breasts seem even bigger than usual. Her nipples are hard," Morgan narrated the scene as the video showed the faces of other participants, including Julia and Matthew, who couldn't help but crack a smile.

Jen, in her part, maintained a straight face while Brad sheepishly smiled. Then it was Jen's cue to read her flirty line. "Hi Brad, you know how cute I always thought you were," she said in his character's fantasy. "You're so sexy."

Fans, of course, couldn't handle it and Twitter soon erupted with excitement as one gushed, "I LOVE seeing Brad and Jen together on the same screen." The said user added, "Annnnd there was just a love scene between Brad and Jen's characters. It was delightfully awkward and ironic and weirdly sweet. I LIVE."

"jen and brad sharing a scene help," another delighted viewer reacted. Clearly grateful for the event, a third one commented, "What a coup getting Brad and Jen to play *this* scene together. When charity calls! 'Doesn't anybody f**king knock anymore?!' "

"Y'all saw Julia Roberts cracking up at Brad & Jen lol," another noted the other stars' reactions during the flirty scene. "Actually, Jen coming onto Brad (in character) and telling him he's sexy is my highlight of 2020 #FastTimesLive," read another comment.

"That was sooooo cute!!! Hahahahaha Brad and Jen! Brad and Linda!!!" an excited fan exclaimed. Someone else added, "JEN AND BRAD ON VIRTUAL TABLE READ HUHU."

Hosted by comedian Dane Cook, the table read has raised $50,000 and counting for Sean's nonprofit CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort). The event was originally scheduled for a month ago but delayed by "technical difficulties."

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