Jay-Z Called a ‘Snake’ Amid Kanye West’s Dispute With Record Label

Jay-Z has been dragged by social media users amid Kanye West's dispute with record label. Earlier this week, the Atlanta rapper shared screenshots of dozens of pages of his contracts with Universal Music Group as he expressed his frustration about not being able to own the rights to his music.

Apparently after making a close inspection of the binding contracts, a Twitter user came to the conclusion that Jay sold the masters to Kanye's albums so he could get his own back. "Kanye contracts SUMMARY: Apart from the inducement which Kanye had to sign to get his advances. This shows that Jay Z sold the masters to first 6 @kanyewest's albums just so he could get his own back. He did so knowing Def Jam won't sell them back to Kanye in future," the said user wrote, noting, "That's BEEF!"

Learning of the Roc Nation founder's sly move to get what he wanted, others have since dubbed him the bad guy in Kanye's ongoing issue with Universal. "that's some grimy s**t dude," one reacted to Jay's alleged involvement in Kanye's contracts with the record label.

"What a snake!" a second person called out the husband of Beyonce Knowles. Another added, "Like I have been saying Jay Z was NEVER Kanye's real friend. This goes beyond Kanye marrying Kim, Jay is a f**king snake. I understand why he did it but it's still foul no matter how much I don't like Kanye."

"Who is surprised? This is Jay-z's well known nature," a fourth commenter claimed. "He's a snake and always has been. Some people like snakes. I remember Diana Ross being okay with a snake until she found out that he took her money too."

Someone else blasted the "Empire State of Mind" hitmaker, "JayZ is so immoral. Devil in the flesh." Another similar comment read, "Kanye is unhinged but Jay Z is straight up grimey snake."

Another acknowledged that "that's some cutthroat s**t right there but that's the music business." Defending Jay for making such decision, someone else wrote, "I mean…if you have to make a choice between owning your masters and owning someone else's…"

Kanye shared copies of his contracts with Universal on Wednesday, September 16 along with a series of Twitter rants. In one of his controversial posts, he shared a video of him seemingly urinating on his Grammy trophy. He also blasted "white media" for taking down Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby and R. Kelly.

Apparently noticing Kanye's mention of the disgraced singer, R. Kelly's lawyer Douglas Anton later reached out to the "Follow God" rapper and offered his help to solve his dispute with Universal. "Kanye. I'm R. Kelly's lawyer. (For real) Please email all your contracts to me to [email protected] I'll take a look at all of them. I can't get them here off Twitter," the lawyer tweeted, before Ye was temporarily banned from the blue bird app.

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