Jhene Aiko Defended Against Critics Claiming She’s Not Black

Jhene Aiko found her name trending on Twitter on Thursday, September 17. However, it was not because she has new music coming. Rather, it was because a number of people were claiming that the singer-songwriter is not black and not a few started defending Jhene over the accusation.

For instance, one who believed Jhene is not black wrote on the blue bird app, "idk who needs to hear this but jhene aiko is not black." Some people argued that Jhene is not black because she's mixed, with one saying, "Jhene Aiko is NOT black. She is mixed. Yall always complaining about colorism and appropriation but always claiming these Jhene Aiko's, Mariah Carey's, [Zendaya Coleman]'s and Meghan Markle. Mixed. Not black. Enough."

Someone else said, "Jhene aiko is not black. Let go of that one drop rule it only hurts you and doesn't help you in anyway." On the other hand, an individual weighed in, "If y'all are saying Jhene is black because she is 30 percent black, I should never see a debate about Cardi B's blackness again. JHENE is NOT BLACK."

Some who stressed that Jhene is black pointed out that even though she only has 30% black in her, she's still considered as a black woman. "The kids are out here trying to say Jhene ain't black when she definitely is. Her daddy is black. Her mama is black and Asian. She grew up in one of the most influential BLACKEST PARTS OF LA," one person said. "Every month y'all pick a new mixed woman and invalidate her blackness. Jhene is mixed and she has black in her. Idk why this is even up for discussion. I'm over it," one other commented.

Another wrote, "I know y'all didn't come on Beyonce's internet to say that Jhene Aiko isn't black." There was also someone who said, "Lmao yall really saying jhene ain't black? Shut the f**k up."

Jhene is of mixed heritage. She is the child of a Japanese, Spanish and Dominican mother and an African-American, Native American, German and Jewish father.

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