Masika Kalysha Feels ‘Offended’ After Being Accused of Squatting in Ex-Landlord’s House

Masika Kalysha has broken her silence after she was accused of squatting in "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" producer David Weintraub's house. Speaking to The Shade Room, Masika blasted her former landlord over what he said about her during the recent episode of Brandi Glanville's podcast series.

Masika was particularly "offended" by David's comment that went, "She has now returned to the streets, she has returned to the projects where she came from." In a statement sent to the publication, the reality TV star said, "I am offended that David Weintraub, a white man who manages and profits from Black talent, would attack me, a Black woman, with the tired racial slur 'back to the projects.' I am disturbed that he would include my 4-year-old daughter in his hate-filled tirade. Children are off-limits."

Deeming his remarks "wrong on so many levels," she continued, "Although I have never lived in the so-called 'projects,' his bigotry doesn't just disparage me. His racist and bigoted rhetoric is abusive and offensive, and his comments disrespect the honest and hardworking people who live in affordable housing, including some of my fans, followers, and audience."

Masika concluded her statement by saying, "David publicly confirmed what I already knew: He is a bigot and a racist, without respect for women, children, his clients, and their supporters."

In addition to the statement, Masika and her legal team provided receipts to prove that his claims "mischaracterize how Ms. Tucker came into possession of the property." Looking at the receipts, it appeared David applied for and received mortgage forbearance under the CARES act. Furthermore, considering the condition of the house as opposed to what she had been told to, Masika contended that David owes her money because of the material misinterpretations and the failure to disclose property defects required by the law.

David, who claimed Masika squatted in his house and stole appliances by the time she left, has yet to respond back.

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