Odell Beckham Jr. Admits to Crying After Learning of Poop Fetish Rumors

Odell Beckham Jr. has further addressed rumors of him loving to get pooped on during sex. In a new interview, the NFL athlete admitted to crying the moment he watched the video of Slim Danger explaining his alleged sex preference when she stopped by Celina Powell's podcast series "Thot Next Door".

Speaking to Mav Carter on "The Shop: Uninterrupted", he called the allegation "the funniest s**t." Discussing all the rumors that have surrounded him before, Odell said, "I'm gonna be honest. Out of every rumors, situations, the bulls**t that I've dealt with in my career this was the funniest s**t."

Breaking into laughter, the Cleveland Browns player claimed that he learned of the news after a friend sent him a video of the podcast. "I seen it and it was like seven in the morning when I was going to take my test," he recalled. "I watched it and I called him back in tears, crying like 'I have never ever in my life heard this one.' I couldn't even believe it."

Considering how quick words spread after the podcast was broadcast, it was only natural that his teammates would ask him about the rumors the moment they met him. "I was on the field and they were like, 'Oh, man. Don't tell me it's true, man. Don't tell me you like to get s***ted on.' I'm like, 'Dawg, I've never heard this in my life.' Out of all the rumors I could have never imagined this is like even real," he said.

Odell previously responded to the rumors when he took to Instagram to share a picture of him running around the field. In the caption of the post, the athlete said, "Can't knock me off my pivot… no matter what shxts thrown my way." Even though he did not directly refer to the elephant in the room, people were already convinced that he was talking about the rumors.

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