Queen Naija Regrets Getting Lip Fillers ‘For Fun’ Because Her Lips Look Bad Now

No more doing things for fun, at least that is what Queen Naija has learned after her recent experience with plastic surgery. The "Medicine" singer shared with her social media followers that she recently got herself lip fillers, but the result was far from what she hoped and now she's regretting her decision.

Naija wrote on Twitter on Thursday, September 17, "Man my dumb self decided to get fillers on my lips yesterday 'for fun' and now I look like a family of Wasps attacked my lips." This apparently traumatized the YouTube personality so much she added in her post, "I ain't doing that no more."

Even though this would be the last time Naija got lip fillers, it certainly wasn't the first time the musician went under the knife. Last year, the mom of two admitted to getting a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lifts after giving birth to her second child, Legend.

She said of her surgeries at the time, "I'm really really happy about the results. I basically got a tummy tuck and I got my hernia repaired around my belly navel, it would puff out because of my loose skin. I had really really bad fibrosis from the smart lipo I got two years ago." She then added, "I'm just really really happy. I feel more confident with my body and being a mom with two kids and having two c-sections and all the stuff going on with myself, I'm really happy."

However, people were not happy over the revelations and attacked her. She defended herself by saying, "Now if I would have kept it a secret like a lot of other women who've had surgery… everyone would have [been] saying 'liar, did you get your surgery, why you hiding it?' Lol I tell the truth & it's still an issue. Hilarious. Imma take my new booty and hide in a ditch."

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