Sharon Stone Brags About being Able to Communicate Clearly With Monkey Co-Star in ‘Ratched’

Sharon Stone became very attached to her character's Capuchin monkey in new Netflix series "Ratched".

The "Basic Instinct" star's "mad" character Lenore Osgood's companion was the same monkey who appeared in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, and Stone admits she really enjoyed working with her hairy co-star.

"This amazing little creature became my constant companion and I learned so much," she tells WENN. "I got to a point where I could really communicate quite clearly with him. We had a great time."

"I had days where it was just the monkey and I doing big full scenes together. I had pages of dialogue and the monkey would react to everything that I was saying and he fully participated in the scene. We would have the greatest time. He has the best comedic timing and he is one heck of an actor."

And little Pablo's trainer, Tom Roach, was really impressed with the pair's chemistry on the "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" prequel series.

"Pablo always seemed to know what was appropriate," he adds. "There was one moment where Sharon was having a tea party with her monkey and she was very sweet and tender with him. They were interacting and it looked so natural."

"I have to say that being able to hit your lines and your marks, and stay in a character like that, with a monkey on your shoulder, is something that a lot of actors would have trouble with. It takes a tremendous amount of concentration and self-discipline, but Sharon was fantastic."

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