Trey Songz Trolled for Saying Females Born After 1993 Can’t Cook

Trey Songz has fallen victim to Internet trolling. People started making fun of the R&B singer after he shared on Instagram Stories on Thursday, September 17 a post mocking millennials ladies for not being able to do anything.

He said on the photo-sharing site, "Any females born after 1993 can't cook, all they know is McDonalds, charge their phone, twerk, be bisexual, eat hot chip and lie." As if that was not enough, Trey added several crying-laughing emoticons in the caption of the post.

Learning of the post, many could not help but troll him. "He was born in 1984 get a auntie your own age to make you some corn bread old man," one person was being sarcastic. "Tre shouldn't be interested in anyone born after '93," another said, while someone else pointed out, "He should not be worried about ANY female born after 1993."

Meanwhile, an individual commented, "Is 35 yrs old , why are you worried about 20 yr olds ? I honestly thought people cancelled him." Someone else wrote, "What fully grown man wants a young lady born in 1993 or later anyway aren't you like almost 40." There was also one person who chimed in, "Trey Songz, you were doing so good by not saying anything."

Some others joked that one of his much-younger girlfriends must have broken his heart hence the post. On the other hand, an online user appeared to refer to his romance rumors with Lori Harvey by saying, "He would know since he dates 1999 babies."

Romance rumors between Lori and Trey sparked in late 2018 when they were spotted together on multiple occasions. However, their relationship did not last long because later in February in the following year, Trey appeared to have broken up from the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey after fans noticed that she had deleted his pictures from her Instagram page.

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