Boosie Badazz Slams Kanye West Over Drake: You’re Showing Straight Jealousy

Boosie Badazz a.k.a. Lil Boosie has inserted himself in Kanye West's feud with Drake, making it clear whose side he is on. Taking to his Twitter account on Friday, September 18, Boosie slammed the "Jesus Is King" rapper since the latter kept mentioning the Canadian superstar's name during his online rant.

Directly mentioning Kanye's account, Boosie asked on the social media site, "WHY U CANT KEEP DRAKE OUT OF YO MOUTH BRA." Alongside a shrugging emoticon, the "Nasty Nasty" rapper then told the Grammy winner to "#stophatin #stophatin smh." He added, "YOU SHOWING STR8 JEALOUSY N YOU AINT EVEN GOTTA DO THAT. U RICH RICH N***A SMH."

Kanye has yet to respond to the tweet, which has since been deleted from Bossie's page. On the other hand, several people agreed with what Boosie said, as one commented, "Boosie always saying what everyone else is thinking !!!!" Another wrote, "Did he LIE???? Kanye been hatin on Drake for so long."

Kanye first called out Drake earlier this month, urging the "Hotline Bling" rapper and J. Cole to apologize to him publicly. "I need a publicly apology from J Cole and Drake to start with immediately … I'm Nat Turner … I'm fighting for us," so he said on the micro-blogging site at the time.

Despite that, he mentioned that he didn't have any hatred feelings towards Drake or any other rappers because he's done beefing with people. "I'm not industry bro … I don't care… I'm in service to Christ … we need world healing … I miss my brothers… I refuse to argue with black men on labels we don't own… even twitter," he said in a separate tweet. "I have the utmost respect for all brothers … we need to link and respect each other… no more dissing each other on labels we don't own."

As of now, Drake hasn't given his response.

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